Here & Now Lead Generation

How we generated 726 qualified leads in 30 days, and lowered cost per lead by 56%.

New partnerships meant big pressure to perform.

Women’s Health IQ is a clinical research institute doing some cutting-edge things in the women’s health space. They had recently been backed by Pfizer and Abbott, two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. While this new backing was exciting, they had previously had a lot of issues generating quality leads and came to our agency for help.

Women's Health IQ set out to create a lead gen funnel
that filled their studies on autopilot.

Their previous lead generation efforts weren’t filling their research studies to max capacity. They were struggling with lead quality especially. Finding people that were a good fit and qualified for the research studies was taking a lot of time from their staff and costing a ton of money.

They had heard about our Here & Now Lead Generation service, and were interested in how we were able to find people that were in the market, actively looking for answers to health issues that Women’s Health IQ specialized in. They were pretty certain that we had a solution that could fix their lead gen problem, and also reduce their cost tremendously. They were right.

We created a lead generation funnel with a sense of trust and confidentiality that was highly important for their audience, but that was also missing in their previous efforts. It was a simple funnel that captured interested prospects information with very little friction, even though there was a good amount of intake information they needed from the prospect. Using this funnel, paired with our in the market data of prospects, we plugged it into Facebook and Instagram advertising channels.

Some final thoughts
& big wins.
Qualified Leads In The First 30 Days
Lower Cost Per Lead In The First 45 Days
Close Rate Increase
The campaign was successful and profitable from the get go, and they instantly looked like a good investment and trusted partner in the eyes of Pfizer and Abbott.

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